Here is some information and tips you might like to know before finally choosing your piece of furniture.

  • The characteristics of different woods, when selecting any piece of furniture need to be considered. Teak offers a beautiful grain that is suitable for carving and designing. It is also the most popular woods used in furniture these days. Sesham or Indian Rosewood is a sturdy, strong and long-lasting wood. It is naturally dark in colour with very fine grains. Pine wood offers a light natural shade but can be knotty too. It is also a cheaper option to the more expensive teak wood.
  • Dining tables with glass tops work well in contemporary decors. While solid wood tables although sturdy and long-lasting, also need a little care, especially for the wooden surface. Consider covering it with a protective pad. Also consider the size of the room while purchasing the size your dining table. For example, you can consider using a butterfly or extending dining table for large meals, parties and large gatherings. When not in use the table will remain at its shortest length.
  • You can also consider these tips while deciding on your choice of bed. If cramped for storage space in the house consider buying a bed with storage space, keeping in mind its aesthetics. A mix of storage with aesthetics can be considered a fine buy.
  • Also consider the height of the headboard, especially if you like using lots of pillows. Consider choosing a bed with a high headboard in case of such a preference. Also consider the height of the bed. Platform or the low-height beds are well suited to contemporary decors. However, keep in mind to match this with your other furniture in the room.
  • According to your comfort explore a variety of different beds, such as divans, bedsteads with slats etc.
  • Finally, the finish of the furniture also needs to be kept in mind. Go for a piece, that has a fine finish in addition to its overall structure. You can choose from a variety of lacquers or even go for an elegant hand-rubbed finish.
  • Sofas are the most visible piece of furniture in your house. Choose one that is a fine blend of both statement and comfort. According to your taste, go for a traditional carved sofa or a straight-line sofa. Remember, sofa designs and fashion can change quickly!


Surprisingly little effort is required to keep your wood furniture in the condition that you acquired it . Here then are some of the things you can do to ensure that your wood furniture is able to give you the service and enjoyment that you expect for as long as reasonably possible. 


First of all, it is important to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully . It is surprising how many people neglect this simple task and miss out on some crucial instructions from the manufacturer. 


If you must clean any stains or markings, use only a soap that is as mild as you can possibly find, one that does not contain any alkaline. This type of soap should be an adequate cleaning aid and should not cause any harm to your furniture. To be safe however, you may want to try it out first on a part of the furniture that is not commonly seen, such as the interior of a drawer or underneath the table. 


Waxing or polishing finished surfaces can greatly benefit your wooden furniture, provided you use the proper type of polish. The non-alkaline soap will again come in handy if you have to remove some older polish that was previously applied before applying a new coat. 


As you can see, very little effort is necessary in order to keep your wooden furniture spic and span and even this little bit will go a long way in preserving the strength and beauty of your valued pieces.


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